The Bach

Your journey begins with a single piece of brass.

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Where the sound starts

How do you play a trumpet? It looks easy: Just blow into the mouthpiece and notes come out the other end.

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The wave-maker

A mouthpiece isn't long enough to create a standing wave on its own. For that, you need to slide your mouthpiece into a length of tubing called the leadpipe.

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Ring 'dem bells...

How a single piece of brass creates our signature sound.

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The Bach

Still based on Bach's original designs from the 1920s, today's Bach Strad trumpets have earned their name.

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Valves and tuning slides

The heart of the trumpet

Think of the valves — pistons, valves, and casings — as the crucial organ that regulates the flow of the instrument's lifeblood, that moving column of air.

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Putting it all together

The Bach way

Buffing, testing, lacquering, and more: steps that put the shine on a Bach trumpet.

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The Bach

Experience the bold beauty of Bach brass.